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Jeff Fritz

.NET Community Guy and Live Streamer

Being a good Open Source citizen - panel with Mattias Karlsson, Mikayla Hutchinson, Peter Örneholm & Matt Lacey
Liljeholmssalen, Monday 11:10 - 12:00

Jeff Fritz will lead the panel for discussion and opinions of what it takes to be a good citizen in the open source community, not only how to contribute, but also how to be a good consumer and maintainer of open source.

What are the unwritten rules? How do we communicate with people we never seen or met? What are the pitfalls? What methods, tools and services can make our lives easier? How we reach out with our expectations? – a few among the questions we'll try to answer, raise awareness and trigger discussion around.

Blazor for the Web Forms Developer
Liljeholmssalen, Monday 13:55 - 14:45

You've been building and maintaining ASP.NET applications with web forms for years. Life is good! However, in 2020 there's a new project model on the scene: Blazor. In this demo-focused session, we will explain the concepts and features of Blazor using terms and comparisons that will help make you successful with this new component-based application framework

Jeff Fritz

Jeff Fritz is a senior program manager in Microsoft’s Developer Division working on the .NET Community Team. As a long time web developer and application architect with experience in large and small applications across a variety of verticals, he knows how to build for performance and practicality. Five days a week, you can catch Jeff hosting a live video stream called 'Fritz and Friends' at You can also learn from Jeff on WintellectNow and Pluralsight, follow him on twitter @csharpfritz, and read his blog at