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Alex Mang

Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional

A Match Made in The Cloud: Container Apps + Dapr
Katrinebergssalen, Wednesday 10:10 - 11:00

It couldn't be a more suitable time to be in the cloud business! Using today's bleeding edge innovations and tech, writing, and running distributed applications which truly scale and handle high load should no longer difficult. Yet despite the ease of development, running distributed apps must be just as easy if we want to make a real software revolution. Introducing: Azure Container Apps.

Throughout this session, we will talk about the future of app development and deployment. Specifically, I will showcase Dapr as well as Container Apps. Dapr is an event-driven, portable runtime for microservices development on cloud and edge which aims to solve all the challenges above and make the development of worry-free microservices-based applications a breeze. Azure Container Apps is a serverless platform that enables developers to run their containerized workloads. Container Apps are ideal for developers who want to run their applications as if they were running them on Kubernetes, but don't want to manage the operations of the cluster. This simplifies the process of developing and deploying our containers to Azure.

Join me for a pragmatic take on cloud native application development and deployment!

Alex Mang

Alex Mang is a Microsoft Regional Director, Azure Most Valuable Professional, working as a cloud architect, consultant, trainer, software developer but also regularly seen at conferences and user groups speaking mostly on cloud-computing topics. His main goal is to help developers better understand the implications of cloud-computing as a whole, from as many perspectives as possible. Alex was invited three times in a row as a featured speaker at Microsoft Ignite, the company’s largest and most important technical conference gathering nearly 35,000 attendees. Since 2011, Alex runs KeyTicket Solutions, a company focused on democratizing access control, ticketing and management solutions for every single vertical in the world. For his experience on cloud-driven solutions, his Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) stand as proof and so do the many happy customers he had the pleasure to work with for the past many years.