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Danwei Tran Luciani

Head of Product Design at Detectify

10 things about UX and design that every developer should know
Trekanten, Wednesday 09:00 - 09:55

In this session I’ll share 10 UX and design tips, with an emphasis on why they are important and how to apply them.

Disclaimer: My intention is not to encourage a developer to do design work, just like I wouldn’t suggest a designer to do a developer’s job. What I do encourage is for everyone to learn more about each other’s domain and skillset. By utilizing our different strengths and expertise we can together build product and services that people will enjoy using. I hope this session will give you 10 reasons and ways of connecting with the designers in your team to level up the developer-designer collaboration.

Danwei Tran Luciani

I am currently working at a SaaS security company as the Head of Product Design. We are a team of product designers who developers love collaborating with. Prior to this gig I’ve been at Microsoft for six years (Metro design 4ever) and I also have a Ph.D in design. I use Dvorak, enjoy playing video games, and love papery things.