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Eldert Grootenboer

Senior Program Manager @Microsoft | #Azure Service Bus | Former #Azure MVP | Community Enthousiast

The latest and greatest from Azure Service Bus
Katrinebergssalen, Thursday 13:55 - 14:45

As the program manager of Azure Service Bus, it is always amazing to share the latest developments of our service. It allows us get direct feedback from the community, and ensures that we are building the right product for your scenarios.

In this session we will have a look at recently delivered features, and what we are currently working on. You will get a chance to hear all about these latest developments, how we are building them, and why we made certain choices.

And who knows, we might even have a look at what is coming up on the roadmap! This will be your chance to see what is coming in the next months, and give your feedback which will help us give shape to these features.

Eldert Grootenboer

Eldert is always enthusiastic about embarking on new journeys with the Cloud, and Azure in particular. He is very passionate about growing his dreams and teams, and goes above and beyond to help those with the same spark. Eldert comes from a background as a cloud solution architect and Technology Lead, was an Azure MVP for 5 consecutive years, and is now working as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for Azure Service Bus. In these roles he has demonstrated experience in building and maintaining relationships at all levels.

Always having a smile on his face, Eldert can be found delivering noteworthy sessions at in-person conferences, meetups, and online platforms. He values sharing and spreading knowledge while building genuine connections regardless of background and expertise. His goal is to bring people closer and work together to influence the outcome and optimize the future of Cloud technologies.

Apart from public speaking, Eldert shows his passion for being involved with the community in other ways as well. As such, he can often be found doing mentoring, organizing conferences and meetups, blogging, writing, and more. He loves telling about his journey and hearing other people’s stories. When meeting people he always looks forward to getting to know about their passions and how he can help them.