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Madeleine Schönemann

Senior software developer and co-host of Developers podcast

Forget about 10x developers - why you should look for a 10x team
Telerummet, Wednesday 12:50 - 13:40

We’ve all heard about 10x developers or “unicorns” but is hiring a bunch of them really the best way to build great software? The myth of the '10x developer' has led companies to waste millions hiring people who don't fit their culture, when all they need is a balanced mix of skills that complement each other. In this talk you will learn how to build your team by overcoming the enticement of silver bullet hires, and making sure that you get the right people on board who contribute to being an efficient and happy team.

Madeleine Schönemann

Madeleine is a software developer and scrum master who values teamwork and interpersonal skills. She works as a consultant at 13|37 where, apart from coding, she is the leader of the company's competence development of interpersonal skills. Madeleine is also the co-host of the podcast "Developers! mer än bara kod" where she, together with her co-host Sofia, talks about life as a software developer. When Madeleine is not coding you usually find her at the gym lifting heavy weights or cooking a homecooked meal for friends and family to enjoy.