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Magnus Timner

Solidify, Pricipal DevOps Consultant, MVP

Applied Codespaces
Trekanten, Thursday 12:50 - 13:40

How easy is it to get a new development environment up and running? How quickly can you get to first commit when starting working on a new project? Codespaces is a cloud service from GitHub aimed to remove the friction we often have in managing our development environments. Wouldn't it be great to have an environment available for every version of the products you support?

In this session we want to share how we have adopted this exciting technology. Of course as tech-savvy individuals we always want to use new, shiny things. Some we find interesting but not so useful, others are gems you want to spend time using. Codespaces have that special quality and we're seeing lots of opportunities in Codespaces to always have a new development environment that is always up to date.

In this practical session we'll go through what and then cover how we've adopted Codespace, including:

• Enabling Codespace • Configuring your project for Codespaces • Developing with Codespaces • Customize your development environment

Magnus Timner

VP and partner at Solidify AB. Cloud and DevOps consultant. Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP.