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Marilag Dimatulac Svennevig

Solutions Architect - Dewise | Microsoft Azure MVP | Founder

Azure Well Architected Framework in Action
Katrinebergssalen, Wednesday 12:50 - 13:40

Cloud Architects make a lot of decisions. When designing solutions on top of such powerful platform like Azure, it's best to have a framework that serves as a compass to guide you which way to go. In this session, let's take a look at how the Azure Well Architected Framework can help us build great solutions on the cloud & get ready to put it in action

Marilag Dimatulac Svennevig

Marilag is a founder, cloud architect and a tech community leader who aims to bridge the skill gap through equal distribution of knowledge across borders, cultures & individuals. Her experience in Cloud and Software Engineering, combined with her passion for mentorship and developer wellness, drive her to tackle the tech upskilling challenge, through her advocacies. She’s the organizer of Azure User Group Manila and Azure User Group Denmark and an Azure MVP. She's also the co-founder of a not-for-profit group called, which helps training underserved youths within cloud, data and technology