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Mattias Lögdberg

Solutions Architect | Microsoft MVP

Azure PaaS Authorization done right
Trekanten, Wednesday 11:10 - 12:00

Managing static keys or SaaS keys for PaaS services in Azure can be a challenge, especially as solutions become more complex and involve more services. With the addition of multiple keys, secrets, and authentication methods, the task of managing these can become overwhelming, especially with the added responsibility of key rotation and secret updates.

To address this issue, Microsoft has made significant investments in improving the management of these keys. The solution they've introduced is called Managed Identities (MSI), which simplifies the process and eliminates the risk of key leaks.

In this session, we'll explore how MSI identities work, and how they make the environment more secure and less vulnerable to key leaks. We'll also see some demonstrations and discuss how MSI can help to streamline the management of keys and secrets in Azure.

Mattias Lögdberg

Mattias Lögdberg is a Solutions Architect at DevUP Solutions and has specialized on systems integration in the cloud mostly on Microsoft Azure. In the daily work Mattias is responsible for driving customer projects, ensuring quality and providing insight and understanding to Solutions built on Azure. Mattias passion for the cloud platform has taken him to the speaking stand and the hard work both with the community and customers has resulted in the MVP award from Microsoft since 2017.