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Oskar Dudycz

Event Sourcerer

CQRS is simpler than you think with C#11 and .NET 7!
Telerummet, Wednesday 11:50 - 12:40

CQRS is often perceived as an over complex pattern with a lot of redundancy and ceremony. Too often it's explained as pushing towards multiple databases, eventual consistency, DDD, and Event Sourcing. In this talk, I will show that it's the opposite.

During live coding, I will show how CQRS can help in tackling the layered architecture complexity. I'll build a simple but real WebAPI. Then I'll spice all of that with all the goodies from C#11 and .NET 7 to help achieve that. Records, Nullable Reference Types, Endpoints etc. The main focus will be on CQRS and pure .NET, not Event Sourcing, or DDD.

Oskar Dudycz

I'm a developer, technical team leader, and architect. I started a career before StackOverflow existed. For over 14 years, I've been creating systems close to the business process. I believe that Event-Driven Architectures and Event Sourcing are great ways to achieve that.

I'm an active open-source developer and one of the Marten library maintainers. I'm sharing my journey and findings on my blog and practical samples at