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Jimmy Engström

azm dev AB

Voice, the new user interface
Oscarssalen (2nd floor), Thursday 15:40 - 16:30

Stop typing and start talking. Being a developer is all about removing pain points and because it's way easier to talk than to type, Alexa, Google Now, Siri,Viv and Cortana are more popular than ever. The rise of the digital assistants has made human life easier. The average human types about 40 words per minute, the average human speaks 150 words per minute. This means I can actually get more things done using my voice. I will show you what it takes to give Alexa, Google assistant and Cortana a new skill. We will also build our own bot using Microsoft Bot Framework, and Amazon and see how we can make the bots smarter and understand natural human language using machine learning.

Jimmy Engström

Ever since Jimmy got his first ZX Spectrum at the age of 7 he hasn’t stopped programming. During the day he is an .NET developer and he does all the fun stuff during his spare time. Together with his wife he also runs a company ”azm dev” which is focused on HoloLens and windows development. He is really passionate about Windows development, HoloLens or well you could say the .NET platform really. He and his wife (Jessica) also runs a code intensive user group (Coding After Work) that focuses on helping participants with code and design problems, and a podcast with the same name.